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Ann Rogan

Director, Global Development


Ann Rogan currently directs international activities at Singularity University where she works with SU’s network of global ambassadors to spearhead new initiatives and grow global partnerships. Previously, she lived in India during which time she worked on a variety of energy and healthcare initiatives. It was there that she founded a supply chain company to do “last mile” distribution of renewable energy products. That failed. Before that, she launched the go-to-market strategy of a novel healthcare franchise network for Drishtee, an Acumen Fund investee in India.

She has been a guest author with The Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship, Renewable Watch, and NextBillion. Ann is a graduate of McGill University where she studied international development and English Literature. As a GSP12 alum of SU, Ann’s team project focused on crowd sourcing data for water quality by using low-cost sensor technology. She started her career at age 11, winning a national design contest held by America West Airlines to crowd source a design that represented the theme of “Teamwork.” Her hand drawn artwork was featured on the side of a 757 airplane – a symbol for the airline as it emerged from bankruptcy.

Ann is a founder and advisor of a 3D printing startup based in Mountain View that is aiming to shape the future of distributed manufacturing. She’s on the Board of the Frontier Innovations Foundation, and serves as a venture advisor at i-GATE — helping to bridge the gap between technology, entrepreneurship and regional economic development for the tri-valley of the bay area.

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