Lajuanda Asemota

Director of Logistics


Lajuanda is a multi-talented program planner and innovator who has dedicated the majority of her time to working in education and cross-cultural community development. She attended UC Berkeley for a degree in African American Studies and Advertising.

Lajuanda has a wide array of experiences ranging from marketing and hospitality to education and community organizing. Prior to joining Singularity University, she coordinated hundreds of events, retreats, workshops and conferences, including the Empowering Women of Color Conference and the Western Regional Conference. She worked on marketing and development at World Bridges, a nonprofit dedicated to providing low-income youth with international opportunities. At the Multicultural Community Center in Berkeley, she co-founded an art gallery space and co-designed a lecture series entitled Oral Histories and Traditions. She also spent four years with the Black Recruitment and Retention Center, for one of which she was the Executive Director.

Lajuanda’s passion for education has led her to a of variety experiences — mentorship, advising, advocacy, college preparation, early childhood education — most of which have focused on supporting underrepresented communities in education, including low-income, immigrant and student of color communities.

When she is not directing logistics at Singularity University, you can find her playing volleyball or working to get her newest endeavor off the ground — Trade School Oakland, a non-traditional learning space based on the idea of bartering to sustain community education.

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