Venture Fund Manager

Singularity University is a California Benefit Corporation whose mission is to assemble, educate and inspire a new generation of leaders who strive to understand and utilize exponentially advancing technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

As part of the SU Labs initiative, a new venture fund will be created inside of Singularity University to invest in companies launching from SU students, alumni, faculty, and the extended network. SU is looking to bring on a Venture Fund Manager who will:

  • Work with SU Management to develop the strategy for the fund
  • Work with legal to set up the structure for the fund
  • Establish fund operations and compliance or select operating partner
  • Develop offering documents and marketing materials while ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Market the fund to the global SU community and network
  • Identify other groups or individual target investors for this newly created fund
  • Present investment information, such as risks, fees, and other performance statistics to a variety of audiences
  • Develop fund investment policies and strategies
  • Develop deal flow from inside and outside of SU, leveraging alumni base and faculty
  • Establish procedures for vetting and due diligence, leveraging faculty and alumni base
  • Partner with other VC firms to bring in co-investment when required
  • Implement portfolio monitoring and reporting systems
  • Support, connect, and mentor companies as required to maximize portfolio success
  • Monitor investment markets, regulatory and tax law changes to ensure fund compliance
  • Ability to source deals and win trust and a strong reputation among founders
  • Superb analytical skills including understanding intellectual property risk, different industries, business models, team composition, and startup risk assessment
  • Understanding of startup finance, marketing, and operations
  • Ability to provide strategic advice for customer development, pivoting, team changes, etc.
  • Relationships with venture banks and other complementary capital sources
  • Skill in transferring value, contacts, or learnings from one portfolio company to another
  • Knowledge of portfolio management software and best practices
  • A strong network to leverage to assist portfolio companies, including engineering exits
  • Relationships with potential limited partners
  • Keen understanding of legislative and compliance requirements
  • An MBA or degree in Finance or a related field
  • Depth and experience in one or more technology domains is strongly preferred
  • Because of Singularity University’s highly global community of alumni and investors, familiarity with international investing practices is highly desired

Salary from management fee and a percentage of carried interest in the fund.


Singularity University is a visionary educational institute whose mission is to educate, inspire, and enable a new generation of leaders who strive to understand, develop, and deploy exponentially advancing technologies to address humanity’s Grand Challenges. We are currently located on the NASA Research Park in Mountain View, CA. We host a Graduate Summer Program, and a variety of Executive Programs, conferences, and online events.

We are looking for individuals who want to contribute directly to the growth and success of our programs. Our fast-paced environment requires intensive coordination and constant interaction with the brightest minds and newest technologies in a range of technology fields. Our organizational culture values a constant pursuit of excellence and adaptability to growth and change.


We are looking for individuals who are bright, dedicated, who love technology, and who are exceptional in their field. We thrive on interpersonal interaction with bright minds and the newest technologies from a variety of disciplines. We have ambitious ideas and plans, and need the right people to help develop and execute them. The right people have a combination of the following attributes:

  • Passion – People who join Singularity University do so because they are passionate about the mission, the people, and the ideas. We shouldn’t settle for less and neither should you.
  • Execution – As a small organization, team members need to be able to drive results with little resources and direction. This means taking initiative with a “get it done” attitude. In short, you have to be a builder and not just a manager.
  • Personal integrity - Team members must maintain the quality of the organization, brand, customer experience, and their own work product at all times. Pride in your work as a representative of the organization is essential.
  • Humility – We are successful as a team, and we started as a non-profit, so we are looking for people who are most comfortable when they are working towards a larger goal with other people, and not prioritizing their own personal gain or politics. In short, you have to thrive in a team environment.
  • Positivity – Our organization focuses on what can be done to change the world, and how each of us can help, so positive, open, and friendly people who are great communicators are most comfortable here.

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