Picture a restaurant future in which a T-1000 scrambles eggs in a frying pan hand while aJetson-esque robot waits tables out front, her sass-meter dialed to a Siri-torching 11. Then un-think that because that’s not how it’s going to be at all. As more and more restaurants implement automation, robotics, and human-replacing tech into their business models, the rough outline of our food’s future is emerging. And it definitely doesn’t involve Skynet (most likely).

Musk’s big bet on the future of solar

Elon Musk’s proposal for Tesla to buy SolarCity in an all-stock deal is being met with the usual moans of disbelief. Still, the central core of the complaints — that Musk is making an endless capital call on the markets to fund some futuristic idea of a solar utility giant — is essentially correct. And that’s good news. You can argue with his execution — or whether this combination with Tesla was the right way to do this — but the vision is big and bold and the technology is moving in his direction.

How Barclays Aims to Bring a Billion Unbanked into the Fold

Barclays Africa Group has a market penetration problem. Though its parent company, the $1.8 trillion-asset Barclays PLC, has had operations in Africa for more than 100 years, today Barclays Africa has only 12 million customers, about 1% of the continent’s total population. Clearly, said Stephen van Coller, Barclays Africa’s chief executive for corporate and investment banking, “you’ve got an opportunity to bank significantly more people than you currently are banking.”