Silicon Valley comes to Christchurch for conference

A conference about the radical impact of future technology featuring some of the world’s most forward-thinking experts is coming to Christchurch.

The SingularityU summit will have its first event in Australasia in Christchurch later this year.

The summit is attached to Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think-tank focussing on future technology, led by futurists Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis.

The group’s purpose is to find ways to apply exponential technology – artificial intelligence, robotics, and nanotechnology, for example – to solve global problems.

Why the World Bank’s venture capital arm is investing in Silicon Valley

Most of the more than $100 million the venture arm of the World Bank’s International Finance Corp. will invest this fiscal year will go to the emerging markets, including tech hubs such as Nairobi, Kenya — dubbed the “Silicon Savannah”. But recently the IFC has also invested in Silicon Valley companies such as the cloud-based software company Ayla, the satellite company Planet Labs and the online education company Coursera.

Launch of UN Data Innovation Lab workshop series at Singularity University

On behalf of the broader UN community, WFP and UNICEF facilitated the first Data Innovation Lab workshop at technology think tank Singularity University to harness the power of digital growth and the data revolution for sustainable development.  The data revolution is leading to an exponential increase in the volume and types of data available globally. For the UN, relevant, reliable and up-to-date data are critical to assess the effectiveness of programmes and to better understand the challenges facing the communities in which UNICEF and WFP and other UN agencies work.

Artificial Intelligence Explodes At Investment, Enterprise Levels

In the past half-decade, artificial intelligence has gone from the stuff of science fiction to components of major factory floors, cognitive technology expert Neil Jacobstein said at a Singularity University event in Boston Tuesday.   Jacobstein chairs the AI & Robotics department at Singularity, the tech-driven benefit corporation that includes the likes of Google, Cisco and Deloitte among its founders.