To represent the organization around the world, SU has appointed Ambassadors to act as liaisons for Singularity University abroad. The Ambassadors are selected from alumni that have participated in SU’s Executive Program or Graduate Studies Program. To contact an SU Ambassador on inquire about the Ambassador program, please email [email protected]

What Ambassadors Do

Assist SU with raising money into its Student Sponsorship Fund for students from the ambassador's country.

Coordinate Global Impact Competitions in your region.

Keep track of SU companies/alumni working on local projects - be our remote eyes and ears for your city and country.

Identify key business and government leaders for possible partnership opportunities - interfacing with policy makers or influencers in your area.

Organize and run local SU alumni meetups and outreach events in your part of the globe.


North & South America

  • Argentina

    Santiago Bilinkis

  • Brazil

    Nathalie Trutmann

  • Chile

    Julian Ugarte

  • Chile

    Barbara Silva

  • Uruguay

    Pablo Salomon

  • Dominican Republic

    Paola Santana

  • Mexico

    Sebastián Tonda

  • Mexico

    Vivian Lan

  • Canada

    Debra Chanda

  • Canada

    Sasha Grujicic

Africa & the Middle East

  • Saudi Arabia

    Yasser Bahjatt

  • South Africa

    Celia Roux

  • Israel

    Eitan Eliram

  • Jordan

    Yara Shaban

  • Kenya

    Emily B. Ngubia Kuria

  • Kuwait

    Tammy Camp

  • Palestine

    Alaa Shaheen

  • Nigeria

    Emem Andrew

Eastern Europe

  • Hungary

    Botond Bognar

  • Bulgaria

    Raycho Raychev

  • Croatia

    Eli Mohamad

  • Turkey

    Lale Başarır

  • Ukraine

    Ivetta Delikatna

  • Russia

    Andrey Egorov

  • Lithuania

    Antanas Danys

  • Estonia

    Karoli Hindriks

Asia & Australia

  • China

    Wanyi Yao

  • South Korea

    Tony Lyu

  • Singapore

    Robert Chew

  • Singapore

    Asher Devang

  • Indonesia

    Lunk Jayanata

  • Australia / Asia-Pacific

    Clarence Tan

  • India

    Divya Sornaraja

  • Australia

    Robin Tedder

  • Japan

    Jovan Rebolledo

  • Kazakhstan

    Tom Nastas

Western Europe

  • Belgium

    Stefan Lodeweyckx

  • Belgium

    Walter de Brouwer

  • United Kingdom

    Mike Halsall

  • Portugal

    Ines Silva

  • Portugal

    Nuno Martins

  • Denmark

    Anders Hvid

  • France

    Carly Abramowitz

  • France

    Zak Allal

Western Europe, cont.

  • Germany

    Claudia Gobel

  • Italy

    Michele Casucci

  • Netherlands

    Yuri van Geest

  • Switzerland

    Nicoletta Iacobacci

  • Switzerland

    Boaz Heller

  • Spain

    Juan Martinez-Barea

  • Spain

    Joaquin Serra

  • Sweden

    Hannes Sjöblad

  • Luxembourg

    Mike Halsall