Acquatico opens up the depth of the oceans to anyone with an Internet-connected device. Our web-based remote controlled robotic submarines allow anyone to explore the beauty and mystery of the underwater world in real-time. Users can share missions with their friends and control a real underwater robot located in some of the most amazing underwater spots.


Our oceans are fragile ecosystems. For a long time humans dumped trash into them – until a wave of documentaries made this problem apparent and created a shift in mindset. And yet – most people still don’t have an emotional connection to one, if not the, most precious resource we have on our planet.


Our robotic system, located at a remote location and controllable through a simple web interface, is essentially the next evolution of telepresence.

Why Does It Matter?

We need to build emotional bonds between humans and the ocean to make people care. In the future our platform will lay the groundwork for an avatar network where humans will start expressing themselves through robotic systems.

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