Affect Sense


AffectSense is a startup with the vision of understanding, characterising and predicting people’s emotions so that third party companies can benefit of knowing their users’ emotional state in real time, and adapt their products/ services accordingly. Our mission is to build an emotional infrastructure so that technology, in the internet of things, becomes aware of users’ emotions.


Technology does not adapt to user’s emotional states as it offers a one-­fits-­all reaction, so there is a lack of personalization of products and services considering the user’s emotional states.


With the use of advanced sensors and artificial intelligence our models predict user’s emotions in real time.

Why Does It Matter?

Third party companies will benefit from knowing their users emotions in real time. From cars that can prevent accidents, to video games that alter content and pace to the players’ emotions. Furthermore, in the internet of things context, emotions play a key role to adapt technology to users’ emotions.

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