Escape Dynamics


Escape Dynamics is focused on the development of extremely efficient and sustainable space launch and aerospace transportation systems. We are building the first electromagnetically powered commercial space launch and aircraft systems and are developing technologies that will allow the transition of space launch and in-air flight from fossil-fuels to sustainable energy. The R&D of Escape Dynamics also includes work in the areas of advanced materials, high power microwave systems, and wireless energy transfer.


Affordable and efficient space access is, 40 years after we landed the first man on the moon, still lacking.


Fully reusable, airplane-like flight into space using a game-changing propulsion system powered with wireless energy.

Why Does It Matter?

Affordable and efficient space access will transform lives of more than a billion people over the next 10 years. Affordable global internet access, video from orbit, GPS and geospatial technologies will continue the dramatic transformation of the way we live and help bringing the world of Abundance.

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