Fellow Robots


Fellow Robots is the world’s first company that builds customer service robots for retail stores. We have two Fortune 100 corporations as customers, and several more lined up.


While e-commerce is innovating every day and has significantly changed how we do shopping, most brick-and-mortar remain in the same condition as they were decades ago. To customers, finding a product or requesting shopping assistance in a physical store takes “forever”, and few store representatives are knowledgeable enough to be helpful; to retailers, there is a lack of means to monitor customer behaviors in detail, to track all the SKUs with precision, and there is a large portion of manpower under-utilized.


We have developed a system that uses autonomous robots to provide comprehensive customer service in physical stores.

Why Does It Matter?

First Player in the virgin land of retail robotics / Automated Premium In-store Service / E-commerce Tools for Physical Stores / Unveiling the future of Brick & Mortar

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