Made In Space, Inc.


Made In Space was founded in 2010 with the goal of enabling in-space manufacturing, thus radically impacting how we will perform space missions in the future. Made In Space’s team members and advisors include successful entrepreneurs (Aaron Kemmer, Jason Dunn, Mike Chen, Jason Lam, Alison Lewis), experienced space experts (three-time astronaut Dan Barry and Mission Lead Mike Snyder) and key 3D printing experts (Scott Summit, Gonzalo Martinez). Made In Space has partnered with top 3D printing companies to leverage this technology for use in space. The company’s Unique Innovation Lab has done over 20,000+ hours of testing of various 3D printing technologies, off-the-shelf and custom-built printers, and dozens of printer components.


Space development is costly and complicated with elongated timelines. The requirement of keeping a supply chain from Earth to space keeps development slow and limited.


The ability to manufacture what you need off-planet would significantly reduce supply chain requirements. Made In Space developed additive manufacturing solutions to this problem. By developing 3D printing technology to work in microgravity the team is providing a tool to make what is needed on-site, on-demand. In 2014 Made In Space is putting the first 3D printer on the Intl. Space Station. Our second printer will be a permanent installation on the ISS in 2015, equipping not only NASA with a valuable tool, but also allowing businesses, researchers and anyone on Earth to email their hardware to space.

Why Does It Matter?

To realize the long term goal of space colonization and human existence away from Earth, we’ll need tools that can produce what we need, because bringing everything with us (including redundancies) isn’t feasible. In order to solve emergencies, build structures on the Moon, build spacecraft components and the wide diversity of other necessities, we’ll need a manufacturing device that has the flexibility to create whatever is needed and that can do it on-site within hours to days.

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