Miroculus is a biotech company that brings an accurate, easy to use, non-invasive and affordable microRNA detection platform that radically improves the ability of Life Science Research and Healthcare providers to diagnose and treat disease.


One out of three people will eventually be diagnosed with some type of cancer, about 8 million people die of cancer every year worldwide. The death toll could rise about 80% by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. Low- to middle-income countries may get hit the hardest. Today, cancer detection and staging mostly happens after manifestation of symptoms which is simply too late.


We are developing the world most accessible, easy to use and accurate platform for microRNAs detection in the bloodstream allowing doctors to provide a single cancer test, non-invasive, accurate, accessible and fast. Since we are looking for patterns, you don’t need to know which cancer you are looking for, even if the patient is not presenting symptoms yet.

Why Does It Matter?

We believe the closest thing we have to a silver bullet cure against cancer is early detection which is why mirOculus proposes a novel diagnostic approach which screens for many cancers, with one single, non-invasive and affordable test.

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