Nativoo is focused on changing the way people explore cities and destinations with an artificial intelligence platform that automatically creates travel itineraries based on thousands of possibilities such as: routes, schedules, time to spend at each attraction, user preferences, and budget. Even more, it continuously learns, so it can adapt to travelers and give perfect advice on what to do and where to go.


The content for travel destinations is completely overloaded on the Internet. We organize it with artificial intelligent matching to users’ preferences.


Nativoo organizes the huge amount of online content for travel destinations through webservices, crawlers, and other methods. Nativoo learns and considers the user’s every step, giving travelers a mobile platform to explore cities in a very smart way.

Why Does It Matter?

We make the lives of travellers much easier. The company is now focused on LATAM, where the online and mobile travel are still not very evolved as it is in the US, it’s a clear market opportunity. We acquired organically hundreds of thousand users in a few months.

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