Nexleaf Analytics

Nexleaf Analytics designs, manufactures and deploys wireless sensors at a fraction of the cost of any competitor; and analyzes and packages the data to make it immediately useful to address big global health and environmental challenges. Currently, our customers are using Nexleaf sensors to ensure vaccines are stored correctly, and to reward rural women who switch over to clean energy technologies with funds from the global carbon credit market.


We have observed first hand that the absence of the right information at the right time prevents even the most committed communities from effecting change in their environments. Whether it is a clinic worker who wants to ensure that vaccine storage refrigerators are operating correctly, or a woman who wants to switch to an improved cookstove but does not know if her stove will be effective at reducing the smoke in her home. Nexleaf Analytics believes that getting data to the right people at the appropriate time and format they need it to take the right action is critical to sustaining and scaling up global health and environmental interventions. But traveling to and from the field to get this data is expensive, disruptive, and in many cases, simply impossible.


By leveraging the global network of cellphones coupled with low-cost sensors, we have developed a user-friendly technology that is revolutionizing the experience of designing effective interventions, so governments, product manufacturers and service providers working to improve public health and the environment can use their limited resources to achieve large-scale impact.

Why does it matter?

Nexleaf’s sensor systems have been deployed and proven to provide unique measurements that could not otherwise be made through traditional data collection methods in many locations throughout the world, such as India, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania. Our sensors and analytics are currently helping to save thousands of vaccines in primary health clinics and to find and finance the distribution of tens of thousands of the most effective improved cookstoves to rural women in India. As we scale our products and services, we aim to expand the use of these sensors to address more of the world’s pressing problems.

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