Pullapproach is an essential technology for any innovation ecosystem. We help regions invest their resources into social enterprises that maximize their local impact.


In regions around the world, municipalities, counties and cities don’t have access to all the innovative and profitable ideas that address their local challenges. How do you improve the IT education of 10th graders? Our open innovation platform offers them access to thousands of startups that can address their local education, unemployment and environment challenges. Amongst others, in Japan we helped to identify and implement a programming workshop that excites high school kids to learn IT using robots.


We have done for regional development what matchmaking algorithms have done for social dating. We analyze regions for their social problems using data, crowdsourcing and experts and match them to profitable social enterprises from around the world, using our regional development models and proven track record. Our technology is used in 15 countries by incubators, multinationals, NGOs and universities.

Why Does It Matter?

What is the best industry to be in? A big and inefficient one. The regional development industry is huge and inefficient. USAID alone is spending $47 billion per year. Most of this money is tied up in lengthy procurement processes, consultants, and paper work with suboptimal solutions because of limited procurement reach and time. This industry is waiting to be disrupted by a fast moving exponential technology that automatically identifies and implements the best social enterprises from around the world.