SOLVY addresses the epidemic of innumeracy through a proprietary interactive online platform that allows students to learn, explore and enjoy mathematics in their own personalized way, and gives teachers the tools to reduce routine work and concentrate on actual teaching.


The way mathematics is taught is test-oriented and lecture-based. ‘Modern’ educational systems prepare students for the exams, but not for solving real-life problems. They also deprive students of an ability to try their own ways to solve problems before hearing a lecture about them. As a result, many students don’t see how mathematics can help them in the real world, so how can they be interested and passionate about it?


Unlike existing systems, SOLVY is not another online textbook. While aligned with the official Common Core curriculum, it allows for multiple ways to solve a problem, and the students can get step-by-step feedback on their solutions – much like from a human teacher. Their teachers, in turn, will get automatic reports on student performance and knowledge gaps without spending nights on tedious grading of homework.

Why Does It Matter?

Literacy and numeracy are recognized as cornerstones for the future success of our children, and yet many countries, rich and poor, struggle to achieve them. Lack of resources, or recalcitrant legacy teaching systems lead different countries, from the USA and UK to Brazil to failure or mediocrity in mathematics. Without a solution to the innumeracy problem, our kids will not only fail at the university, but will also have real troubles in their financial and professional lives.

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