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Swift Automated Transit Networks (ATN) redefine how we think about transit. The Swift system has been designed specifically to respond to the problems that make conventional transportation expensive, inefficient, and inconvenient. Swift Tram is an elevated transit system with suspended coaches that run below an enclosed guideway. It uses clean, quiet, efficient electric motors that run inside the guideway, and its coaches are automated (driverless), providing scheduled or on-demand service. Swift passengers will experience shorter travel times with direct-to-destination routing, improved safety and security, and higher levels of comfort and convenience than ever before. Swift’s customers benefit from lower costs, increased siting flexibility, and easier expansion and rerouting options with a smaller, cleaner, quieter, and less disruptive system.


The world will have 37 megacities of 10 million people or more by 2025. Cities are running out of room for expansion of highways and transit at the same time that demand for accessible mobility is growing. Traffic is becoming increasingly intolerable in metro areas; rush hours are becoming longer and longer. In 2010, Americans spent a total of 4.8 billion hours stuck in traffic, wasting 1.9 billion gallons of fuel, at a total cost of $101 billion. At-grade transit solutions such as light rail and commuter rail are becoming prohibitively expensive to deploy due to high costs of right-of-way and installing track in urban settings (disturbing gas pipelines, concrete, asphalt, electrical and water infrastructure) and have a high incidence of collisions with pedestrians and cars in urban areas.


Swift is integrating advanced technologies in automated vehicle software, robotics, lightweight composite materials, electric motors and batteries in the development of its elevated system with suspended coaches. This design provides the most cost effective and energy efficient design with the highest level of service for passengers with minimal impact on the environment.

Why Does It Matter?

Infrastructure is crucial for the growth of our industries and for the resilience of our communities. Smart transportation is predicted to become a trillion dollar global industry providing connected mobility for cities as well as developing communities, where there is the potential to “leapfrog” over traditional rail or highway that is too costly to build. Minimizing the impact on our environment by implementing solutions that reduce pollution and use less water is critical to saving our planet.

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