Corporate Innovation

An innovation outpost in Silicon Valley igniting
transformational growth in large organizations by helping them
apply exponential technologies and plug into Singularity University's
unique global community.


The pace of technological change is accelerating exponentially.

The threat of disruption by entrepreneurs, nimble tech firms and garage tinkerers keeps many a CEO awake at night. Large enterprises are flush with assets to fuel innovation – global scale, skilled resources, distribution channels, efficient processes, established partners – and yet most struggle to make innovation a repeatable driver of long-term growth.

The Corporate Innovation Exchange at SU Labs convenes R&D, new product development, innovation and insights/foresight teams to scan for new technologies, prototype breakthrough solutions to de-risk and accelerate time-to-market, forge uncommon partnerships and keep their finger on the pulse of change. Working alongside Accelerator startups, world-class faculty and like-minded corporate innovators, companies come to SU Labs to discover, experiment and push technology further and faster.

Leave business-as-usual behind. This is about creative destruction, challenging boundaries, exploring what's possible. This is about big leaps vs. incremental change. SU Labs gives you the space, guidance and inspiration to re-imagine and re-invent the future of your company.
Join us.

As an Exchange Member, you can:

  • Evaluate opportunities to connect and partner with cutting-edge startups
  • Learn about exponential technologies from leading experts and academics
  • Network and learn through educational programs and events
  • Absorb the best of Silicon Valley through university tours, company/lab site visits
    and innovation roundtables
  • Enjoy private office space to work and open spaces to collaborate and play
  • Support a unique group of global collaborators to help tackle humanity's grand challenges
DOWNLOAD PROGRAM OVERVIEW "You're either the disrupter or the disrupted... but you can no longer be in denial."
Avi Reichental
Co-Chair for Nanotechnology & Digital Fabrication; CEO, 3D Systems
"Anyone with a revenue stream has a target on his head."
Peter Diamandis
Co-founder & Executive Chairman


Providing thought leadership and advice on practices and capabilities for driving innovation in large organizations