Corporate Innovation Exchange

Driving disruptive innovation in large organizations

The CIX gives organizations the space, tools, guidance, and inspiration to reimagine and re-invent their futures.

The Corporate Innovation Exchange (CIX) at Singularity University is an innovation outpost in Silicon Valley igniting transformational growth in large organizations by helping them to think exponentially, apply new technologies and plug into a unique global community.

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Founding Members

Membership Benefits

  • Office space at Singularity University
  • Partnership opportunities with cutting edge startups using breakthrough technologies
  • Access to experts in exponential organizations and technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, robotics)
  • Workshops, site visits, and networking in Silicon Valley
  • Prototyping tools and resources
  • Opportunities to support SU’s mission to Impact 10^9
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A Preview of The First Year’s Journey

We frequently test new ideas, partners and approaches and consider our members to be valuable thought partners in helping us evolve the program to ensure it’s meeting their needs. Below is a sampling of events that members can experience during their time at the CIX.

“Anti-Disruption” Workshop: members share their innovation objectives and strategic road maps with SU faculty, who propose probable drivers of disruption and opportunity spaces not on the member’s radar...and then discuss how to address these threats / opportunities.

Silicon Valley Immersion: “learning expeditions” help members envision the future in specific domains (e.g. The Future of Food); corporate R&D lab visits introduce members to different innovation methodologies; university tours expose members to the latest research and open innovation opportunities; and more.

Labs Luncheon Series: listen to experts and panel discussions on relevant topics like, “Should we care about Bitcoin,” “Best practices in startup onboarding,” and “Using science fiction writers to pitch innovation.”

Startup Roundtables: meet the SU Companies at formal events (and at the water cooler) to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

Workshops with Deloitte Innovation: discuss “scaling edges” with John Hagel; learn the Ten Types of Innovation framework from Larry Keeley.

Pose challenges to Graduate Studies Program participants and global alumni: leverage the exceptional talent SU attracts to tackle grand challenges which—if “solved”— will positively impact a billion people in a decade (in addition to your bottom line).


Working alongside SU Labs accelerator startups, world-class faculty and like-minded corporate innovators, CIX members can:
  • Learn how to predict what’s around the corner
  • Explore disruptive technologies and their convergence
  • Create new business models far from your core
  • Quickly and cheaply test/learn/iterate
  • Embrace smart risk-taking, even failure
  • Leave behind business-as-usual

Current Members

Name: Frank Fu
Group: Global External Technology Acquisition Group
Name: Kyle Nel
Group: Lowe's Innovation Labs
Name: Lina Yang and Jon Strande
Group: Hershey’s Advanced Tech Team
Name: Blair Palmer, Erica Kochi, Chris Fabian
Group: UNICEF Innovation

What kind of company is a great fit for CIX membership?

Rather than pursue a single company profile, we seek a diverse community of organizations in order to deliver maximum value to members. Some of the criteria we use to evaluate prospective members include:

  • Strong senior executive support (ideally a direct line to a CXO)
  • Permission to operate with a high degree of autonomy
  • Interested in exploring disruptive spaces at their industry’s edge
  • Actively looking at growth opportunities 5-10 years out
  • Committed to doing good in the world (corporate social responsibility)
  • Willing to collaborate with non-competing organizations to learn and move forward, faster

Do companies need to be of a certain size, geography, sector or status to be accepted?

We consider large organizations from across the globe, including for-profits, nonprofits, government agencies, NGOs, country/state/city governments and academic institutions.

How are members staffing their office at Singularity University?

Onsite staff typically come from R&D, new product development, innovation or insights/foresight teams. Ideally, they’re comprised of forward-thinking individuals who are organizationally savvy, well-connected, discovery-driven and in a position to influence the strategic direction of their organization.

How much does it cost to become an CIX member?

Founding members pay $250,000 per year, which includes all program benefits and office space at SU Labs on Singularity University’s NASA campus. We are seeking two additional Founding members to play a significant role in shaping the program’s first year.

Can we participate for less than one year?

We will consider terms under one year (minimum one quarter); however, to reap the full benefits of the CIX, members should spend sufficient time immersed in our unique community which is currently best accessed on campus.

Is residence at Singularity University a membership requirement?

We believe CIX members should reside at Singularity University full-time. That said, the inability to relocate staff shouldn’t be a deal-breaker and we will work to accommodate your needs.

"The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 has decreased from 67 years in the 1920's to 15 years today.” —Richard Foster, Yale University