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Singularity University (SU) is a California benefit corporation blending a for-profit structure with a mission-based vision to positively impact billions of lives. The Singularity Fund provides an essential source of funding for SU education programs, innovation activities and community initiatives, enabling social entrepreneurs to develop solutions to humanity's grand challenges.

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Meet Matternet

The First Real Drone Delivery System
For Medicine + Other Critical Goods
In The Developing World

By creating a new paradigm for transportation using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that leapfrogs roads, Matternet - 2011 Graduate Studies Program team, now a SU Company - is disrupting and revolutionizing transportation.

Matternet expects to positively impact over one billion people, one seventh of the world’s population, who currently do not have access to all-season roads. Seed funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Fadi Ghandour and other visionary investors, Matternet has been featured at TedGlobal and in numerous media outlets.

"This project could not have been started anywhere else. SU incubated the type of thinking that allowed us to imagine how we could use an emerging technology to solve a massive challenge; use the most advanced technology where it’s needed most."
—Andreas Raptopoulos, Co-Founder & CEO, Matternet

Meet Disaster Mesh

A WiFi Mesh Network To Connect
Natural Disaster Survivors With Relief Efforts
Built By Entrepreneurs Under Age Of 20

Disaster Mesh is a project from our 2014 Exponential Youth Camp, a pilot program for young entrepreneurs. WiFi router seeds are air dropped over a disaster area, creating a huge mesh network that provides information on the current condition. Government organizations and NGOs can use this data to allocate resources to relief efforts.

The 3 founders are high school students from different countries, working on Prototype 2.0. In 2014, it was a finalist in a disaster contest hosted by Field Innovation Team and featured at the European Maker Faire in Rome that highlighted twenty innovators and world-changers under 20, and in 2015 took third place honors with a $250,000 prize in the Verizon Powerful Answers Award competition with 1,400 entries.

"My experience at SU changed my life. I was surrounded by a world which took innovation to another level, inspired me to think beyond the bounds of impossibility, and provided me with the resources to become an exponential thinker. I'm proud to be an alumna."
—Karla Dana, Co-founder & COO, Disaster Mesh

Meet Socialab & Viva Rio

Leveraging SU Partners
To Advance Impact Initiatives

The Field Innovation Exchange (FIX) program is an exchange for SU partners and our community to leverage their networks and resources to advance solutions to global issues.

In 2014, SU Development Partner SociaLab (founded by SU alumnus Julian Ugarte) enabled HEROES (2014 GSP team) to test their solution in Santiago that turns everyday people into first responders in moments of crisis. Thanks to introductions by SociaLab, HEROES was selected among 200 projects to enter an accelerator program in Chile.

In 2015, SU Development Partner Viva Rio connected AIME (GSP 2015 team) with public health authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, leading to AIME running an initial micro-pilot in a favela with 84% accuracy with only 5 days of analysis. As a result, AIME was invited to help predict dengue outbreaks and prepare Brazil for the 2016 Olympics and beyond.

"During our field visit in Brazil, Viva Rio continuously facilitated and engaged us with public health authorities, allowing us to explore and reiterate our approach to predictive analytics and epidemiology. Our success with predicting dengue outbreaks in Rio de Janeiro was a critical step in our quest to prevent many other deadly diseases around the world."
—Dhesi Baha Raja, Co-Founder, AIME

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