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Featured Speakers & Presenters

Peter Diamandis

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman; Director

Daniel Kraft

Medicine & Neuroscience Chair

Salim Ismail

Global Ambassador; Founding Executive Director

John Hagel

Founder Deloitte Center for the Edge Global, Author

Rob Nail

Associate Founder & CEO, Director

Brad Templeton

Chair, Networks & Computing

Neil Jacobstein

Co-chair, AI and Robotics

Raymond McCauley

Chair, Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Daan Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde

Yuri van Geest

Dutch Ambassador, Co-author The Exponential Organization

"The nature of technological progress is exponential. These technologies, as we have seen with computer chips, get twice as capable every year or so, for the same price. The reason that information technology grows exponentially, is that we can use the latest technology to develop the next."
—Ray Kurzweil / Co-founder, Singularity University

Session Information

Revolution in Robotics Technology

Explore how robotics technology is combining with artificial intelligence as smart machines become mobile and far more intelligent. This section will discuss the major developments in robotics, from robotic surgery to autonomous vehicles and revolutionary biotech automation. It will include the major opportunities and implications that robotics have for industries and how breakthroughs are expected to transform the economy.

The Future of Health and Medicine

This session will concentrate on breakthrough developments that are in the lab today and what is coming to market in the next 2 to 10 years, ranging from 3D printing to organ regeneration, from point of care "lab on a chip" diagnostics to large-scale bioinformatics; from synthetic biology to new gene based therapies. All of these and more are discussed in the context of the explosion of digital information and potential for distributed healthcare.

Organizing Society for Accelerating Change

Global institutions were created at a time when change was linear. Today, the massive changes being driven by accelerating technology, make many of these institutions ineffective, or even obsolete. This session will look at the challenges and opportunities society faces - how will we deal with the changes being driven by exponentially accelerating technology?

Company Sessions with SU Companies and Local Startups

Meet cutting edge innovators who are embracing exponential technologies to create exciting new business opportunities. These sessions will include briefings by companies and networking sessions where you will be able to meet company team members and discuss their plans, products and businesses.

Entrepreneurship and the Business Structure of the Future

How do organizations rethink innovation and manage change in the face of exponentially accelerating technology? Some have been enormously successful in these endeavors while others have failed. What makes the difference? In this session we will look at approaches to effectively managing change.

21st Century Biotechnology

Since the completion of the human genome project in 2001, genetics has been transformed into a digital information technology: faster, easier, and cheaper to do year over year. These advances are expected to accelerate for decades to come, and to deliver a sustained wave of bio based innovations to medicine, agriculture, energy, and more, with potentially world-changing ramifications. This session will review the advances and shifting dynamics in biotechnology: genomic technologies, synthetic biology, systems biology, and personalized medicine.

Accelerating Societal and Economic Disruption

It used to take 20 years to create a billion dollar market or product. Today that is happening in months. Internet, mobile and ecommerce technologies are combining to radically disrupt the very future of commerce. In a world of shortened product cycles, how do legacy enterprises and governance structures cope when technology is accelerating away from us? This presentation will cover some of these issues and suggest organizational mechanisms to cope with these disruptions.