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Our Executive Program (EP) is a week-long workshop or custom program that offers corporate executives and entrepreneurs the tools to predict and evaluate how emerging technologies will disrupt and transform their industries, companies, careers and lives.
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EP December 4-9, 2016
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EP January 22-27, 2017 (Waitlist only)
EP March 19-24, 2017
EP May 7-12, 2017

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Program Overview

Singularity University’s unique take on the accelerating technologies of our age will prepare you to mitigate new challenges in our converging world, and capture the innovative spirit we foster here in Silicon Valley.

At Singularity University's Executive Program, you'll discover:

  • How AI and machine learning will complement human jobs.
  • How the next generation of “digital natives” will leverage
    their skills in a new labor market.
  • How automation will affect our labor markets.
  • How we will design cities when cars are autonomous.
  • Who owns the rights to your DNA.
  • How our policies can keep pace with accelerating change.
  • And much, much, much more...

The $14,000 USD program fee includes lodging, meals and material.

"The Executive Program was a truly mind-expanding experience which should help prepare me for the extraordinary changes to come."
—Dan Cobley,
VP of Marketing, Europe, Google

Nowhere else on earth can you spend a week learning about cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics, extracting and looking at your own DNA, 3D printing yourself as a statue, visiting Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies, and sitting inside a driverless car; all while forming personal relationships with the thought-leaders of our time.

Exponential Technologies

Humanity’s most powerful tools for innovation.

They demonstrate sustained doubling of price performance. Our unique perspective focuses on the power of their convergence and their implications.

"The nature of technological progress is exponential. These technologies, as we have seen with computer chips, get twice as capable every year or so, for the same price. The reason that information technology grows exponentially, is that we can use the latest technology to develop the next."
—Ray Kurzweil
"CEOs are desperate to know this stuff. Everyone’s trying to figure out what’s coming next."
—Mike Federle, COO, Forbes Media

Rich Learning Environment

In a mixture of lectures, workshops, site-visits, informal evening discussions, pitch sessions, and free time in the innovation lab, you will radically shift your perspective of the future and your ability to leverage new technologies in a highly competitive world. Our onsite Autodesk Innovation Lab offers 3D printers, robots, virtual reality headsets, drones, a laser cutter, 3D scanners, and a broad range of software and prototyping tools.

Practical Tools

We’ll also provide you with a set of tools for integrating these concepts and nimble innovation into your organization: lean startup processes, DIY tools, rapid prototyping, the hacker and maker movements, future forecasting, change management, and open source approaches to innovation.

Core Curriculum

Singularity University’s Executive Program is geared around six exponentially growing fields, each taught by world experts. Participants come away with an overview of each field including recent major disruptive innovations and their implications, and a roadmap of how each participant’s industry will be transformed.

Key technologies covered in the program include:

Biotechnology + Bioinformatics
AI + Robotics
Energy + Environmental Systems
Medicine + Neuroscience
Networks + Computing Systems

Biotechnology + Bioinformatics

Since the completion of the human genome project in 2001, genetics has been transformed into a digital information technology: faster, easier, and cheaper to do year over year. These advances are expected to accelerate for decades to come, and to deliver a sustained wave of bio-based innovations to medicine, agriculture, energy, and more, with potentially world-changing ramifications. This session will review the advances and shifting dynamics in biotechnology that involve genomic technologies, synthetic biology, systems biology, and personalized medicine. This track covers the exponential growth in biotechnology and bioinformatics, focusing on four areas:

  • Genome technologies (genomics and proteomics, ultra-rapid, low-cost gene sequencing, and statistical and computational extrapolations of large biological databases).
  • High-speed, full-genome, consumer-based sequencing and personal gene analysis and ethics.
  • Intelligent design: ultra-rapid, low-cost DNA writing, selective gene manipulation/substitution, and ethics of gene modification.
  • Microfluidics and single-molecule technologies
Disrupt or be disrupted

Faculty + Speakers

Our faculty are real-world experts in exponential technologies and practitioners of their application in organizations. Our small size allows you to enjoy an intimate collaborative environment with our faculty and guests.

Peter Diamandis

Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Director

Neil Jacobstein

AI and Robotics Co-Chair

Marc Goodman

Chair for Policy, Law and Ethics and Global Security Advisor

Daniel Kraft, MD

Medicine & Neuroscience Chair

Brad Templeton

Networks & Computing Chair

Sandy Miller

Co-Chair Entrepreneurship; Managing Director

Paul Saffo

Chair, Futures Studies & Forecasting

Jonathan Knowles

Design Chair

EP also features an array of extraordinary guest speakers: leading venture capitalists, famous entrepreneurs, CEOs, and world-class experts. Recent speakers have included:

Babak Parviz, PhD.
Founder and head of the Google Glass project.

Brian Behlendorf
A leader of the open source software movement.

John Eisen, PhD.
Expert in the human biome.
Stan Mazor Co-inventor of the microprocessor.

Astro Teller, PhD. Head of Google X
"Singularity University's Executive Program is an opportunity to bring people from every conceivable walk of life with people that share a common aspiration that is to do better, to be better, and to make a positive impact on people’s lives"
—Gavin Newsom, California Lieutenant Governor

Your Fellow Participants

Your interdisciplinary classmates from around the world will deepen your understanding and perspective. You and many of your fellow participants are thought leaders so we organize an “unconference” to showcase ideas and spark new conversations.

CEOs, CTOs, R&D teams, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, regulators, thought-leaders. For 5 years SU has enabled innovators and leaders to keep pace with exponential technological change, and outperform their peers.

Be prepared to join a group of 80 dynamic participants from around the globe and learn how to recognize growth opportunities now, and in the coming decades.


Fox Filmed Entertainment
Jim Gianopulos
Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


USA Network & the SciFi Channel
Kay Koplovitz


MIT Media Lab
Joi Ito


State of California
Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor


AOL Investors
Steve Case


Reid Hoffman
Become a Singularity University Impact Fellow
Want to dream, design, and deliver transformational social impact by applying the next wave of emerging technologies? Fellows join us—free of charge—to learn about exponential technologies and the Global Grand Challenges at one of ​SU’s educational experiences like the Executive Program. Then, they spend the rest of the yearlong fellowship leveraging those ​powerful tools, ideas, and connections to inspire and activate their local communities ​and the broader SU community.
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Meet the Founders of Our SU Labs Companies

SU Labs is a start-up company accelerator of local and global start-ups, corporate innovation teams, expert faculty, and strategic partners. These companies are innovating in areas that include cultured leather and meat, distributing products by drone networks, and smartphone medical diagnostic devices.


  • How will artificial intelligence and machine learning complement human jobs?
  • How will the next generation of ‘digital natives’ leverage their skills in a new labor market?
  • How will automation affect our labor markets?
  • How do we design cities when cars are autonomous?
  • Who owns the rights to your DNA?
  • How can our policies keep pace with accelerating change?
Exponential technology will disrupt all industries
Learn how to understand the impacts these technologies will have on your business and how to capitalize on the huge opportunities of the 21st century.