Faculty + Speakers

Our faculty combine knowledge and real-world expertise in both exponential technologies and innovation—the foundation of our programs. They are also available for your organization or event as outstanding speakers and consultants.


Ray Kurzweil

Co-Founder & Chancellor

Peter Diamandis

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Neil Jacobstein

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Co-Chair

Raymond McCauley

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Chair

Marc Goodman

Policy, Law, Ethics Chair

Daniel Kraft, MD

Medicine & Neuroscience Chair

Gregg Maryniak

Energy & Environmental Systems Chair

Elisabeth Brinton

Energy Co-chair

Brad Templeton

Networks & Computing Chair

Paul Saffo

Futures Studies & Forecasting Chair

Avi Reichental

Nanotechnology & Digital Fabrication Co-Chair

Pascal Finette

Entrepreneurship Chair

Kathryn Myronuk

Synthesis & Convergence; Finance & Economics Chair Emeritus


Amin Toufani

VP of Strategic Relations

Nell Watson

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Faculty

Andre Wegner


Dr. Lisa Kennedy

Exponential Medicine Faculty

Eric Rasmussen, MD, MDM, FACP

Global Impact & Medicine Faculty

Brian Barnier

Finance & Economics Faculty

Divya Chander

Medicine & Neuroscience Faculty

Nathaniel Calhoun

Global Impact Faculty

Darlene Damm


Kent Langley


Lisa Solomon


Jonathan Knowles

Design Faculty

Chris Cowart


Carin Watson

Corporate Innovation; Exponential Organizations

Ramez Naam

Energy & Environmental Systems Faculty

Robert Hariri, MD, PhD

CEO, Celgene Cellular Therapeutics

John Hagel


Catherine Mohr

Medicine Faculty

Robert Freitas

Nanotechnology Faculty

Andrew Hessel

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Faculty

Jeremy Howard

Data Science Faculty

Eric Ries

Entrepreneurship Faculty

Ralph Merkle

Nanotechnology Faculty

Salim Ismail

Global Ambassador; Founding Executive Director

Nicholas Haan

Global Grand Challenges Director