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What is the GSP?

Vito Margiotta

  • Runs an NGO which puts on cultural events to inspire positive thinking
  • Co-founded innovative e-commerce gaming platform in Shanghai
  • Google employee

Sami Ben Hassine

  • Entrepreneur, Dev, Blogger, Co-founder and CEO of The Fabulous, a mobile healthcare company
  • Co-founder and past president of an ngo of 7000 members specialized in E-democracy
  • Citizen journalism and Election Observation

Vivian Lan

  • Human rights advocate
  • Ran a 50-strong humantarian effort that delivered 40 tons of food and medical supplies to famine-stricken drought victims in Africa
  • Passionate about social projects in unconventional education

Elie Besso

  • Chemical engineer in a geology startup
  • Working with a Brazilian business school on supporting entrepreneurs
  • Passionate about the interface between technology and business

Jorge Soto

  • Tech entrepreneur passionate about civic engagement
  • World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper and Ashoka Fellow
  • Recognised as one of the top young innovators in Mexico

Alejandro Abarca Blanco

  • Inventor and entrepreneur
  • Developing new technology for cancer detection and monitoring
  • Physics and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems graduate

Katharina Wendelstadt

  • Runs Nokia's Latin American feature phone business to offer affordable phones to new demographics
  • Set up first carbon-neutral water company in the UK
  • Organised 'football without borders' whilst at the UN, promoting cultural understanding between Middle Eastern young leaders

Allen Manser

  • Growth equity investment manager in cleantech ventures
  • Led health commodity financing initiatives for the William J Clinton Foundation
  • Co-founded a communications tech company

Joseph Grima


Meet the Participants

Leticia Jauregui Casanueva


Alessandro Innocenti

  • Passionate about industrial design and sustainability
  • Working to boost innovation in society
  • Studied in Italy and Finland, and worked in Africa

Aleksandra Orchowska

  • Master in Industrial Design, post-graduate studies in Design Managment and a exchange student in Packaging Design and Visual Communication
  • She won the Central Eastern GCC with her prject 'Cukeriada', a educational game about self-managment in diabetes.

Asher Devang

  • Redefining urban mobility in Singapore by creating an electric vehicle service
  • Previously an investment banker working across South East Asia
  • Passionate about technology transforming the world

Cassandra Harn

  • A biomedical engineer
  • Developed a novel technique for breast milk flash-pasteurisation to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission
  • Enjoys rock climbing

Christopher Carstens

  • Granted his first patent at 15
  • Green chemist and renewables entrepreneur
  • Engineer at a graphene producing company

Itai Hayut

  • Remote sensing expert, developing applications for biomedical uses
  • Neuroscience and physics graduate

Diego Soroa

  • Architect, artist, biomimic specialist and design consultant.
  • Founder of a creative lab.
  • Cofounder of biomimicry Iberia.

Edward Chung

South Korea/US
  • Former management consultant
  • Worked at touch sensing technology company
  • Founder of an art and cultural NGO

Joao Oliveira

  • Entrepreneur developing assistive technology, accessibility and education companies
  • Computer scientist passionate about artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and software engineering

Eran Shir

  • Founder of DIMES in 2003 introducing the concept of crowdsourcing to the networking research community
  • In 2007 founded and managed Dapper Inc, an Semantic Web startup funded by Accel Ventures
  • Since 1994 he is serving as a board member of the Israel Center for Excellence through Education

Ferran Galindo


Filippo Bosco

  • Developing low-cost biosensors for health and water applications
  • Collaborating with a Ugandan NGO
  • Passionate about smart implementation of science and tech in addressing global challenges

Foteini Christodoulou

  • Cross-disciplinary academic bridging RNA biology and evolutionary developmental biology
  • Science communicator whose projects included Greece's stem cell bank association
  • Researching cancer development

Gabriel Gurovich

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Mentored many startups in Chile and Latin America
  • Passionate about helping people find meaning in life

Gilad Gome

  • Volunteered in the Israeli Red Cross

Gonzalo Villaran

  • Manages Telefonica's accelerator in Peru
  • Created Peru's first business angel network
  • Coached over 300 startups

Graseilah Coolidge

  • She is the Director of Strategic Communications for the Center for Civil-Military Relations in California
  • Together with her partner, Graseilah began the Sahwira Fund, an NGO working in Zimbabwe
  • Also serves on the board of The Offset Project, a community-based initiative focusing on reducing carbon emissions in her local community of Santa Cruz, CA

Hannu Rajaniemi

  • Science fiction author, whose work is translated into 12 languages
  • String theory doctorate
  • Co-founded a mathematical research company supplying the space, defence, and oil and gas sectors

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Ilse Gayl

  • Founder of a rainfall solutions company for flood warnings, wastewater modeling
  • Commercial related helicopter pilot
  • Fallen scientist

Ines Silva

  • Co-founded a non-profit startup accelerator
  • TEDx organizer

Maxim Alekhin

  • BSc and MSc degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Currently doing a PhD in System Analysis
  • Project Leader of Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  • Winner of All-Russian student contest “Biotechnical systems and technologies”

Geoffrey Siwo

  • Biological Sciences student
  • Developing computational tools for genetic data mining
  • Drug delivery game designer

Getnet Aseffa Gezaw

  • Working at the heart of the emerging Ethiopian tech industry
  • Founded the East Africa Singularity Society with over 700 members
  • Established the first AI laboratory in Ethiopia

Ana Lucia Pivaral

  • Architect and sustainable designer
  • Working to reduce crime through design of urban space
  • Founder of a bicycle movement in Guatemala to support transportation alternatives

Massimiliano Picone


Nagajyothi Nookula

  • College entrepreneur creating a sustainable source of income for fishermen by developing biotech products from marine waste
  • Led a Biological Association for Indian students
  • Passionate about healthcare

Piyush Aggarwal

  • Computer science graduate pursuing research in ICTD (Information & Communication Technology for Development) at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Experience working with different Community Based Organizations to help them increase their outreach and solicit information from their beneficiaries
  • Presently he is working on different projects to increase citizen participation and community engagement to address local issues

Adam Little

  • Vetinarian entrepreneur
  • Works on poultry health in Tanzania
  • Part of the United Nations food systems initiative

Maja Kecman

  • Industrial designer focused on healthcare products and services
  • Presented healthcare research at the White House
  • Head of Design at an organisation bringing vision correction to 100m adolescents in the developing world

Maria Victoria Alonsoperez

  • Electronic and telecomms engineer whose thesis was Uruguay's first Satellite’s Attitude Determination System
  • Her team won the Barcelona Zero-G challenge
  • Founded an company producing innovative detection devices

Jafer Ahmad

  • Fulbright Fellow I engaged in legal advocacy to enhance gender equity in Jordan while working with a major MENA based think tank focused on counter-extremism and inter-faith harmony
  • Experience in public policy, business development and project managment in places like Yahoo! and Palantir between others

Maximiliano Perez

  • Founded an innovation Lab in Latin America.
  • Founded an NGO in Ecuador and Haiti, building the first earthquake shelters in Port au Prince.
  • Won a human rights award from the King of Spain, and a housing award from the UN.

Mehmet Topal

  • Serial industrialist and entrepreneur in recycling and paper industries
  • Board member of the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges

Michail Matsas

  • Cofounder of a company using chemical compounds to tag fuels
  • Founder of 2 NGOs providing support to vulnerable people below the poverty line

Pablo Olivares

  • Research assistant in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery in University of Chile Clinical Hospital
  • Founded a company in 2008 called Central Pest Control S.A.
  • In 2012 he started developing, an online advertising platform

Pablo Veltri

  • co-Founder of and, two social companies dedicated to promote and facilitate the employment of people with disabilities
  • IT Operations Manager for Latin America for Weatherford International
  • Studied Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Buenos Aires, as well as a Master's degree in Business Administration from University of San Andrés

Puneet Puri

  • Entrepreneur building affordable robotics controllers for aerial robotics in the security and disaster management industries
  • US patent holder
  • Selected as one of India's top entrepreneurs by the Economic Times Power of Ideas

Remco Bloemen

  • World-record holder for computing a mathematical constant
  • Tutored by Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University
  • Founder of a cryptography and cybersecurity startup

Renato Silva

  • Developed an omnidirectional brain controlled wheelchair during his Bachelor's degree
  • Leading a new crowdfunding website in Brazil focused on tech and design

Roberto Alvarez

  • A civil engineer.
  • Cofounded 4 companies and an angel investor.
  • Runs the Brazilian government's international innovation initiatives with more than 15 other countries.

Sebastian Espinosa

  • Creating a social incubator in Chile
  • Founding a new social venture helping Latin American artisans access new customers online
  • Passionate about alleviating poverty through technology

Mike Klodnicki

  • Recent UGA graduate with a B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology, and currently I am a graduate research assistant in a biotech lab in UGA's Poultry Science Department
  • Developed a strategy of producing in vitro meat using cost-effective methods

Sumantra Roy

  • Founded a digital marketing platform at college which became a market leader in India in 4 years, with a $30 initial investment
  • Founded an education centre to increase opportunities for poor children

Teodor Panayotov

  • Passionate about professional education provision
  • Founder of an outsourcing startup for IT training
  • Windsurfer and skiier

Victor Oh

  • Biomolecular engineer
  • Working on genetic optimisation of green algae
  • Developed a low tech low cost machine to make paper from agricultural waste

Zezan Tam


Afshin Khan

  • Biotechnologist and astrobiologist

Cynthia Perez Estrada

  • PhD neuroscientist
  • Transplanting adult neural cells onto a nerve injury model
  • Working towards regenerating the central nervous system

Everton Simoes Van-Dal

  • Chemical engineer
  • Designed a process to produce methanol from CO2 hydrogenation
  • Founded a School of Chemical Engineering at a Brazilian University to transfer knowledge between students

Giannis Mourgis

  • Passionate about social entrepreneurship
  • An MBA graduate

Alexandr Borgul


Angeles Cortesi

  • She started her career at Endeavor Argentina leading the Search & Selection team responsible for finding high impact entrepreneurs
  • Founded Sangre Travel Design, a bespoke travel company specialized in crafting unique experiences in Buenos Aires
  • Has been involved in several startups and designed an accelerator for Fundacion Sadosky

Assaf Kindler

  • Business and entrepreneurial backgorund

Ayodele Faiyetole


Henrietta Kekalainen


Gulay Ozkan


Alejandro Tocigl Domeyko

  • Creator of one of the top accelerators in Chile. He loves doing business, but not of any kind, only those that contribute positively to the development of society focusing on democratizing opportunities
  • Played in the Rugby World Cup on 2002 and teached later generations

Maria de los Angeles Undurraga

  • Studied Business Administration, Master in Finance and Minor in Psychology
  • She has experience in New Business Development in the IT sector where she has been able to participate in high impact project as the democratization of electricity in Chile by the adaptation and optimization of existing technologies

Yogesh Upadhyaya

  • Co-founded a software product development company
  • Interested in improv theatre
  • Board member of a policy research institute in India

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