Singularity University enables the creation of sustainable solutions to difficult challenges—education, energy, environment, food, global health, poverty, security, space and water—that face humanity. Our unique approach inspires entrepreneurial leaders to leverage exponential technologies to develop innovative solutions to these challenges at a large scale.

We measure our impact through the billions of people throughout the world that directly or indirectly benefit from our educational programs, innovation-enhancing activities, and community-building initiatives. At every stage of our work, we ask: are Singularity University’s strategic initiatives, approaches and programs achieving the maximum impact they can towards solving humanity’s grand challenges? We seek to connect a humanitarian community of forward-thinking people in a global movement towards an abundant future.


2014 Singularity University Impact Report
Learn how SU drives positive impact for billions of people through three focus areas: Education, Innovation and Community.

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Singularity University Case for Engagement
Learn how to get engaged with SU's vision of being a global community to transform people, organizations and the world.

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SU Impact Partners are like-minded organizations that share our vision, and have a strong understanding of the problems facing humanity and the realities of implementing solutions in various contexts around the world. To learn more, please contact us at [email protected].


Video: SU's Decision to Become a Benefit Corporation

After having operated as a nonprofit organization since 2008, Singularity University (SU) incorporated as a California benefit corporation, shortly after that legal form came into being in 2012. The information and video found here provide additional detail on our decision.

SU’s mission strives for impact at a massive scale. Our 1300+ alumni and their ability to convert forward-looking ideas into tangible projects, products and services are key components of achieving our mission. With this in mind, SU’s trustees, management, faculty, and associate and corporate founders, during 2011, focused on how SU could better support our alumni while also having more direct impact through our own programs and activities.

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