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Singularity University is a California public benefit corporation with a mission to educate, inspire and empower a global community of leaders to leverage exponential technologies to develop solutions to humanity's most difficult challenges.
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We call these challenges Global Grand Challenges— education, energy, environment, food, global health, poverty, security, water and space—and we strongly believe they represent the biggest opportunities to positively impact billions of lives.

We are passionate about transforming
people, organizations and the world

Our community of changemakers is at the forefront of driving
ideas, impact and change using exponential technologies to
address humanity’s grand challenges in their communities.

Take a look at the progress toward our 2020 Milestones in our three core focus areas


2020 MILESTONE: 1,000,000


2020 MILESTONE: 1,000


2020 MILESTONE: 150

2015 Impact Report

Take a look at our 2015 Impact Report that highlights our organizational success and that of our community to scale impact globally.


We are dedicated to addressing critical
issues in our local community

The Challenge: How do you impact 38 million people in California
by leveraging new and exponentially growing technologies to the
state’s drought and water issue?

Be part of California’s drought and water solution.

We are introducing the Singularity University Impact Challenge, a new competition
to bring exponential technology solutions to local and regional challenges in the
surrounding area of Singularity University. This year’s competition is focused on
solving the California drought.

The Singularity University Impact Challenge is now open! The winners will join us at the SU Startup Lab on campus at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.

Learn more and apply today!

Join us in guiding innovation, driving
impact and funding the future

Learn how we—together—can transform the future through collective impact.

We work closely with individuals, companies, organizations, educational
institutions, foundations and governments to align passions and priorities,
and find the best way to have transformational impact.

Case for Engagement

Take a look at our vision to be a global community that
positively impacts billions of lives, and our approach to tackling
global challenges and boosting shared prosperity worldwide.

Engagement Opportunities

Take a look at some of our successes to date, our approach to
extending our reach globally, and the opportunities for growing
our collective impact and creating a better world together.

A common mission to create a better world
with SU Impact Partners

We form Impact Partnerships—with regional and global nongovernmental
organizations, foundations, governments, educational organizations, research
institutions, companies and other forward-thinking entities—to take on big
challenges and work together for tactical impact.

We continue to source best in class organizations as SU Impact Partners.