SU Labs Corporate Membership

Driving disruptive innovation in large organizations

SU Labs gives large organizations the space, tools, guidance and inspiration to reimagine and reinvent their future.

SU Labs is home to both permanent and pop-up (temporary) innovation labs designed to immerse small entrepreneurial teams from large organizations in SU and Silicon Valley to drive disruptive innovation by moving quickly from ideas to prototypes.

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Founding & Current Members

Membership Benefits

  • Cutting edge technology and innovation curricula
  • Lab space fostering creative collisions
  • Support running innovation experiments
  • Tech scouting in strategic focus areas
  • Prototyping tools and roster of partners
  • Networking and inspirational activities
  • 24/7 access to SU’s unique global community of entrepreneurs, experts and fellow intrapreneurs
  • Immersion in Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and culture
  • Relationship Manager to optimize your experience

We help members:

Tackle challenges in existing strategic focus areas and identify new opportunities in areas not currently in your view

Experiment with emerging technologies to discover what’s relevant before they’re ubiquitous and it’s too late

Connect to entrepreneurs and experts to spark new ideas, facilitate prototyping and accelerate time-to-market

Develop intrapreneurs into impactful change agents with entrepreneurial muscle and a network of fellow instigators

Our Approach

We practice a 3 phases approach to address challenges and opportunities at SU Labs. This approach integrates divergent and convergent thinking to both generate and prioritize ideas that have potential relevance to proposed challenges. Member teams will continually cycle through discovery and definition activities throughout the year.

Understand the drivers and implications of today’s accelerating pace of change. Push beyond business-as-usual thinking through exposure to other fields, drawing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

Identify and evaluate disruptive innovation opportunities in both existing and new strategic focus areas. Establish a portfolio of nearer- and longer-term smart bets.

Bring ideas to life through rapid prototyping and iteration. Gain skills and build partnerships (e.g. startups, vendors) to create proofs-of-concept and accelerate time-to-market.


We’ve built a toolkit to help our members begin to tackle their design and innovation challenges. We also work with members to design and experiment new ways to approach innovation.

  • Anti-Disruption Workshop
  • Learning Journeys
  • Tech Sprints/Tech Mashups
  • Science Fiction Prototyping
  • Impact Journey
  • Open Ideation
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Biomimicry Blitz
  • Gallery Walks
  • Tech Scouting

All-Member Activities

In addition to member-specific tools, we plan activities to promote networking, foster collaboration and ignite inspiration.

  • Executive Program
  • Learning Journey (quarterly)
  • Speaker Series (bi-weekly)
  • Networking & Social Events
  • Faculty Office Hours
  • Startup Showcases
  • Startup Retreats
  • GSP Challenges
  • Impact Jam Sessions


What kind of company is a great fit for Corporate Membership?

Rather than pursue a single company profile, we seek a diverse community of organizations in order to deliver maximum value to members. Some of the criteria we use to evaluate prospective members include:

  • Strong senior executive support (ideally a direct line to a CXO)
  • Permission to operate with a high degree of autonomy
  • Interested in exploring disruptive spaces at their industry’s edge
  • Actively looking at growth opportunities 5-10 years out
  • Committed to doing good in the world (corporate social responsibility)
  • Willing to collaborate with non-competing organizations to learn and move forward, faster

Do companies need to be of a certain size, geography, sector or status to be accepted?

We consider large organizations from across the globe, including for-profits, nonprofits, government agencies, NGOs, country/state/city governments and academic institutions.

How are members staffing their office at Singularity University?

Onsite staff typically come from R&D, new product development, innovation or insights/foresight teams. Ideally, they’re comprised of forward-thinking individuals who are organizationally savvy, well-connected, discovery-driven and in a position to influence the strategic direction of their organization.

Can we participate for less than one year?

We will consider terms under one year (minimum one quarter); however, to reap the full benefits of the Corporate Membership teams, members should spend sufficient time immersed in our unique community which is currently best accessed on campus.

Is residence at Singularity University a membership requirement?

We believe members should reside at Singularity University full-time. That said, the inability to relocate staff shouldn’t be a deal-breaker and we will work to accommodate your needs.

"The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 has decreased from 67 years in the 1920's to 15 years today.” —Richard Foster, Yale University