Most frequently asked questions at Singularity University Labs. If you have any media or PR inquiries, please contact [email protected].

What is Singularity University Labs Launchpad?

Singularity University Labs Launchpad is a community of local and global startups, SU Companies, using new technologies: robotics, AI, 3D printing etc. in education, health, space, security, energy, environment & more.

What is an SU Company?

Organizations with the "SU Company" designation are formally part of the Singularity University Labs Launchpad startup accelerator portfolio. SU Companies have signed agreements with Singularity University for this purpose. The "SU Company" designation provides startups with validation to external communities as an entity vetted through the SU filters of excellence. Additional SU Company Benefits and Programs can be found Here.

What is the criteria to become an SU Company?

SU Companies apply Exponential Technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, sensors, synthetic biology) to solve some of the world's biggest problems, which we call Global Grand Challenges. Global Grand Challenges include Education, Energy, Environment, Food, Global Health, Poverty, Security, and Water. We also have pioneering companies providing innovative solutions for space.

Do I have to be a resident or rent space to participate in SU Labs?

No, you do not. Most of our companies do not rent space from us, though we do have limited space (desks in a shared room or entire rooms) available.

Do I need to be in the Bay Area, California, or US to participate in SU Labs?

No, you do not. Our portfolio includes companies located all over the globe. Our programs are conducted with an online platform so that you can participate from anywhere in the world. We also record our sessions so that you can access this great content on-demand.

Do you have to be a Singularity University alumni to join SU Labs?

No. Although many founders of SU Companies are SU alumni it is not a prequisite for joining SU Labs.

Do you only accept companies that formed from GSP Team Projects?

No. Although many of our companies began as GSP Team Projects it is not a prerequisite for joining SU Labs.

Can a non-profit organization be an SU Company?

Yes, we have a non-profit version of the SU Company Participation Agreement.

Does SU Labs only accept companies of a certain size or stage?

No. The majority of our companies are at the pre-seed or post-seed financing stage. Many have been formed within the past year and we have some companies that are up to three years old.

Does Singularity University or SU Labs invest any money into the companies that join its accelerator?

No. Currently SU Labs offers many start-up accelerator resources, services, and programs but does not invest directly. Our low equity ask reflects this.

How much equity does SU Labs take from its member companies?

Standard stock pledge ranges from two percent.

Is SU Labs a fixed length program? When can we join?

SU Labs is different from some accelerators in that we do not run a fixed-length program. Start-ups that join SU Labs have access to the events, programs, network, and resources for as long as they are SU Companies in good standing.