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It's Time to Build the Future

Helping large organizations drive disruptive innovation.

SU Labs helps large organizations move beyond business-as-usual and develop new transformative solutions using exponential technologies. Ideate. Incubate. Leap.

"Having access to SU’s top-notch talent can benefit your strategy thanks to their vision on how industries are disrupted one after another.”

Antonio Bravo Acín
Head of Strategy & Planning for Business Development Growth Markets, BBVA

Our Recipe for Transformation

We help business leaders understand and respond to exponential change by taking them through three phases of transformation: Ideate, Incubate, and Leap.

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Design the Future

Once you’ve seen the future, the next step is to IDEATE to identify big, new opportunity spaces and generate a large volume of concepts to explore.

Generating ideas is easy. Generating breakthroughs that can leapfrog business-as-usual and inspire disruptive new business models is hard.

The IDEATE phase helps companies identify potential business opportunities that aren’t currently on their radar. We stimulate ideation using a range of provocations and approaches: emerging technologies, new business models, industry and macroeconomic trends, Global Grand Challenges, startup and VC monitoring, expert perspectives, ‘beginner’s mind’ exercises, empathy activities and future-back analysis.



In our Disruption Workshop, a diverse range of technology, design, and innovation experts provoke your team's thinking by answering questions like, "How would you disrupt this company?" and "If you were this company’s CEO, where would you double-down?"

In our SciFi Workshop, we 'begin with the end in mind' and define ideal future states, based on everything we know about accelerating technology and trends. Science fiction writers, illustrators, designers, and technologists collaborate to bring these new worlds to life. Then we work backward to develop a realistic roadmap for getting there.

Through world-class facilitation and application of our Design for Exponentials framework (think: design thinking in an exponential world), teams will push boundaries and ideate far beyond business-as-usual.

Expected Outcomes

  • Generate new future-focused ideas and concepts that leverage exponential technologies, Global Grand Challenges, and other disruptive forces and prepare for rapid prototyping.

Program Length

1-2 days

Tech Scouting & Strategy Sprint

This sprint delivers a thorough evaluation of a specific technology or trend relevant to you. Our experts will show you where it is today, where it’s projected to go, startup and VC activity, academic R&D lab projects and more.

Expected Outcomes

  • Deeply understand a specific technology or trend
  • Identify Build/Buy/Partner opportunities

Program Length

2 months

Open Innovation Challenges

Leverage the wisdom of the crowd by tapping into the global Singularity University ecosystem or your own internal teams to source breakthrough ideas and concepts. The best ideas are presented at an event where you’ll select winner(s) to transition into incubation and rapid prototyping.

Expected Outcomes

  • Ideas with disruptive potential sourced from inside your organization or our global community of inspired solvers.

Program Length

8-12 weeks

Build the Future

Once you have a portfolio of disruptive ideas, it’s time to test, learn and rapidly iterate your way to a proof-of-concept that’s ready to pilot and scale.

The INCUBATE phase helps companies conduct fast experiments. We ensure every experiment has a clear hypothesis and strong potential value proposition to the company. Then, by collaborating with startups and our development partner network, and leveraging our on-site innovation lab, we develop prototypes and validate them in the market.


Prototype Sprint

Build low-fidelity prototypes to test big ideas. Companies often think it’s impossible to prototype a solution that uses an exponential technology, but it’s easier than you think. We start with an idea, develop an early concept, explore and design a user experience, create personas and customer journeys and build a working prototype. We also perform real-time customer validation to (in)validate hypotheses and improve user experience.

Expected Outcomes

  • Build a low-fidelity prototype to help test a big idea.

Program Length

12-week* development cycle, completed in 2-week sprints

*Technology stack, complexity, and IP can increase the scope and require additional time

Team Incubation

A more immersive experience teaches your team how to prototype and test disruptive ideas. By applying our Design for Exponentials methodology, we help teams move from concept to design and development to working prototype.

This program includes three 1-day workshops and six 2-week sprints. Additionally, teams benefit from a dedicated mentor, weekly coaching sessions, product design direction and support and coworking space with our Accelerator and portfolio companies.

Expected Outcomes

  • Apply our Design for Exponentials methodology to quickly move from idea to prototype.
  • Develop and test a working prototype of a big idea
  • Learn how to be an impactful intrapreneur and help your company act more like a startup.

Program Length

12 weeks*

*Technology stack, complexity, and IP can increase the scope and require additional time

Become the Future

Once you have a new market-tested prototype, it’s time to determine the business model and organizational structure needed to commercialize it. Should you build an internal team, establish a new business unit, or treat the new product like a startup?

The LEAP phase helps organizations turn a new product or service built on exponential technologies into a successful future business by preparing it to scale outside the core business. We help teams understand, evaluate and apply the latest thinking in business model design with an eye toward the future. We explore emerging ways to structure a team to support the new venture.

Together, these new approaches can serve as a launchpad for disruptive solutions with the potential to leap forward and become new core businesses in the future.


Corporate Accelerator

Collaborate with SU Startup Accelerator companies, as well as our incredible roster of faculty experts, mentors, and coaches to evolve a prototype into a Minimum Viable Product. Learn how to incorporate exponential technologies and operate like a startup. Then learn from the market, gaining customer feedback and iterating the solution to achieve product-market fit and position for scaling. The program concludes with live pitches to the SU community, investors and corporate sponsors.

Expected Outcomes

  • Validate customer willingness to pay and market need.
  • Gain valuable customer feedback.
  • Iterate your solution to reach product-market fit.

Program Length

8 weeks

Business Model Sprint

Develop an exponential technology development plan to quickly commercialize solutions using new business models and paths-to-market. We also analyze best practices in creating nimble organizational structures, teams, and processes that enable you to leap your new product forward and serve as a foundation for rapidly responding to new technology shifts and deploying new solutions.

Expected Outcomes

  • Create a business model to prepare a new venture for exponential growth.
  • Investigate the right organizational structure, team and processes to support exponential growth.
  • Develop an internal plan to secure support and resources, and a roadmap for commercialization of new exponential technologies being developed.

Program Length

2 days

Join the SU Labs Innovators Network

Connect with leaders from large corporations, global non-profits, and transformative startups to exchange knowledge and collaborate on solving the world’s toughest challenges by leveraging exponential technologies.

Connection & Collaboration Perks

  • Curated introductions to other network members
  • Invitation to exclusive national and regional Innovators Network events and roundtables
  • Invitation to select SU Labs networking and learning events
  • Designation in the SU Global Directory
  • Invitation to join Open Innovation Challenges facilitated within the Innovators Network
  • Work with other Network members on select innovation projects

Joining the Innovators Network will:

Surround you with other inspired solvers building the latest technology in a community embracing disruptive trends

Provide best practice forums with other network members through digital and select in-person events

Create opportunities to partner on projects to drive impact and innovate with other network members

Enhance your reputation as an innovative company through co-branded marketing efforts and opportunities

Exclusive Access to SU

  • Two co-working seats at SU Labs locations
  • Access to innovation and entrepreneurship experts within the Network
  • Two seats at the annual Innovators Network event at the SU Global Summit

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