Startup Program

Leveraging exponential technologies for global impact


The SU Labs Startup Program is a highly differentiated offering for startup companies leveraging exponential technologies for global impact. SU Companies are located all around the world and are typically in early stages of funding (angel, seed and Series A).

Current Portfolio


AcquatiCo is a web-based ocean exploration open platform that uses robotic submarines worldwide...

Affect Sense

Affect Sense develops tools to make sense of emotions using a powerful database of customers’…


Intellectual Property and Liability Management for Distributed Manufacturing


Be-novative creates a synergy of ideas within multinational corporations and between self-organizing communities using behavioral…

BlueOak Resources

BlueOak Resources, a venture from SU’s 2010 Graduate Studies Program, recently won Harvard...

Cambrian Genomics

Cambrian Genomics makes the first hardware/systems for laser printing DNA. Presently, researchers...


EDDEFY tools map experience, making it easy for anyone to find the best educational content…

Escape Dynamics

Escape Dynamics, LLC was founded in the spring of 2010 with the goal of developing…


Evolutionary Solutions is an early stage biotechnology venture focused on developing a novel technology...

Fellow Robots

The goal of Fellow Robots is simple: to build reliable, inexpensive, high quality telepresence robots...

Field Ready

Field Ready provides solutions to the most pressing logistical challenges in remote and difficult to…


A new unique neuroscience based web service that helps increase your focus by “zoning out”…

Genome Compiler

Genome Compiler Corp. is building the next generation of computer-aided design tools for synthetic...


Getaround, a car sharing marketplace where individuals can offer their own cars for rent, started...


We're a global nonprofit on a mission to build and empower communities of Changemakers. Our…

Infinity Aerospace

Infinity Aerospace is disrupting the multi-billion dollar satellite operations and...

Jointly Health

Jointly is a Big Data Analytics and Intelligent Business Operations platform that joins together...

Made In Space, Inc.

MADE IN SPACE, a venture from SU’s 2010 Graduate Studies Program, is dedicated to providing...


Matternet is building a network of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to transport goods in places…


Miroculus is a biotech company that brings an accurate, easy to use, non-invasive and affordable…

Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow applies the latest advances in tissue engineering to develop novel biomaterials to...


Nativoo is a startup created by SU’s 2011 Graduate Studies Program students (Cristovao Loureiro and...

Nexleaf Analytics

Nexleaf Analytics designs, manufactures and deploys wireless sensors at a fraction of the cost of…

Organ Preservation Alliance

Our vision is a world where no one has to die or be sick due…

Patient Key

PatientKey Inc. is a patient medical information service company dedicated to providing the first-ever...


Pullapproach has pioneered how to identify profitable business models that create social impact, analyze...


Solvy is an interactive math-learning tool that caters to the needs of students, parents and…

Swift Tram, Inc

Swift Automated Transit Networks (ATN) redefine how we think about transit. The Swift system has…


Walkmore transforms the way in which banking and credit work by making data science...

The SU Labs Startup Program has established a reputation for cultivating and supporting startups with breakthrough technologies, many of which have the potential to disrupt or create entire industries. So far SU Companies have raised a combined $100 million in funding and are providing goods and services globally.

SU Companies frequently make the news and have been invited to present at Google’s exclusive "Solve for [x]" forum, TEDGlobal, and SXSW and have been featured in several publications including Wired Magazine, Bloomberg TV, VentureBeat, BBC News, Al Jazeera America, The Science Channel, and many more.

If you are interested in joining the SU Labs Startup Program, please complete this brief online application. To join the SU Labs Startup Program you must either be a SU alumni or be referred by an SU community member. Further information can be found in our FAQ.

SU Companies receive an "Unfair Advantage":

  • Acknowledgement as an approved “SU Company”: Validation to external communities as an entity vetted through the SU filters of excellence.
  • Mentorship, Advisory Services and Introductions: Access to an incredible mentor and advisor pool, as well as a strong rolodex of industry contacts.
  • Investor Network: Invitation to SU Labs investor events and programs plus facilitated investor connections and introductions.
  • Peer-to-Peer Network: Access to the private SU Companies Community, including events, workshops and educational resources.
  • Corporate Innovation Exchange: Unique and direct access to Fortune 500 companies.
  • SU Events & Media: Opportunity to participate in SU Labs offerings and programs, including our SU Labs Showcase Events and (social) media outreach.
  • Office Space on the SU Campus: Office space is available for rent (but not required!).

As part of our mission to support our SU companies, we are continually adding valuable partners who can provide important resources to our startups and Corporate Innovation Exchange members. Providing discounts and services valued at over $60,000, our partners have extended special rates and offers to SU Labs members. These discounts represent significant savings to a young startup, and as our list of partners grows, the benefit to our member companies will continue to grow. If you’re interested in becoming a partner with SU Labs please contact us.

SU community companies providing valuable discounts and services for SU Companies:

Special no-cost licensing for AI technology, 10% discount on software outsourcing services, first five hours free (including initial consultation), and 20% discount on innovation consulting services thereafter

Free Dotsub Enterprise Edition and support

Up to 50% off first rental

The following organizations provide valuable discounts and services for SU Companies:

Amazon Web Services
Hosting credit grant and free Business Level support

The Brenner Group
Discounted startup accounting setup package

DocSend has partnered with Singularity Univeristy to give you 6 months of full DocSend usage for free.

Engine Yard
2,500 free hours

Hunter Technology
Rebates on electronic design and manufacturing services.

UX Ninja Startup Package

Media Temple
20% off hosting services

Microsoft BizSpark
Extensive software development tools and discounted offers

Free Start-Up Plan

New Relic
Six free months of Pro Level subscription

Free recruiting services, oDesk credit grants, and training

Up to $2000/month refund credit for twelve months

Silicon Valley Bank
Free Start-Up Banking Package

15% off membership fees

15% off service fees, $500 off setup fee, no minimum number of employees to enroll

One free user test

Whitecoat Strategies
Discounted PR and Strategic Communications for SU Companies

Free Unlimited Premium Plan for 1 year

180 days of Large plan free

The SU Labs portfolio is comprised of companies at various levels of funding and development; all leveraging exponential technologies and targeting some of the most intractable problems in the world.

If you are interested in SU Companies' fundraising activities follow us on Angellist, attend one of our events or send us an email.

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