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08/15/2014 Wearable tech may promise better health care, but will it… The Business Journals
08/15/2014 Drones being developed to deliver medical aid, not bombs Reuters Health & Fitness News
08/15/2014 The futurist: Growing dangers of technological unemployment ColoradoBIZ Magazine
08/14/2014 My super summer school: enrol at NASA, save the world London Evening Standard
08/12/2014 Healthkit is a symptom of tech’s rush into health care Marketplace
08/12/2014 最近バイオづいてきたY Combinator、今度は暗闇で光る植物のGlowing Plantを支援 Tech Crunch Japan
08/11/2014 Top 10 Reasons Drones Are Disruptive Singularity Hub
08/06/2014 Wadhwa’s New Book Documents Struggles of Women Executives
08/05/2014 Wipro CEO TK Kurien, Rishad Premji get lessons in disruption The Times Of India
08/05/2014 Are healthcare startups answering the right questions? Healthcare Payer News
08/05/2014 Speaker Spotlight: Erico Mattos TEDxPeachtree
08/03/2014 Against the Biological Clock — A Gameplan to End Age-Related… Singularity Hub
07/31/2014 National New Markets Fund Expands in Southern U.S. With Investment… Marketwired
07/29/2014 Beyond the Maker Movement: How the ChangeMakers Are the Future…
07/25/2014 Infinity Aerospace’s Ardulab Makes Building & Launching Space-Certifiable Hardware As… SpaceRef
07/22/2014 Made in Space, Autodesk Visionaries to Deliver Keynote Addresses at… Business Wire
07/17/2014 How to Build an App With the Crowd Singularity Hub
07/15/2014 Anousheh Ansari on Her Journey to the ISS and the… Singularity Hub
07/14/2014 Is Tech Unemployment Good or Bad?
07/11/2014 Microsoft: Cybercrime bust freed 4.7M tainted PCs CNBC
07/07/2014 Inside Singularity University: Talking Technology, Innovation, and Grand Challenges With… Singularity Hub
07/05/2014 Peter Diamandis: Entrepreneur reaches to skies to benefit Earth SFGate
07/03/2014 Bitcoin: Going from Deceptive to Disruptive Singularity Hub
07/02/2014 We Don’t Have to Play Cosmic Russian Roulette With Asteroids… Singularity Hub
06/30/2014 How to Build an App With the Crowd
06/29/2014 Quantum Computing 101 with D-Wave’s Vern Brownell Big Think
06/27/2014 Peter Diamandis on the coming disruptive age of Bitcoin Impact Lab
06/24/2014 Autonomous Cars 101 with Brad Templeton Big Think
06/24/2014 Drones for Good: How these unmanned vehicles can help 1… Watch videos online - Yahoo Screen
06/24/2014 The 4 coolest science experiments happening on the International Space… The Week Magazine
06/20/2014 The Abundance Mindset
06/20/2014 Satellogic Aims To Launch A Constellation Of Small Imaging Satellites… TechCrunch
06/19/2014 ‘We’re Living in Science Fiction Right Now’ Diamandis Tells GSP… Singularity Hub
06/18/2014 Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, Signs on… PR Newswire
06/16/2014 3D printer headed to the International Space Station this August Engadget
06/14/2014 Shared data will transform healthcare
06/13/2014 NASA Clears 3D Printer for Space Launch Time Magazine
06/12/2014 3D printer scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station… GigaOM
06/12/2014 Made In Space 3D Printer Gets Green Light from NASA… SpaceRef
06/11/2014 The Future of Singularity University Unfolds at the 2014 Graduate… Singularity Hub
06/11/2014 Star Trek-Style Holodeck Coming into Focus at Lowe’s Singularity Hub
06/11/2014 Startup Gets $35 Million To Fund E-waste ‘Mining’ Operation
06/11/2014 Avatars make online conferencing easy CNBC
06/10/2014 Exponential Conference Series by Singularity University and CNBC with Ray…
06/10/2014 Why health care costs so much: Expert CNBC
06/10/2014 Hackers can be undetected for 210 days, expert says CNBC
06/10/2014 BlueOak Raises $35 Million For Its Factory That Mines Electronics TechCrunch
06/10/2014 Would you eat lab-grown meat? KSDK
06/10/2014 This Startup Wants to Turn Your Old Electronics Into Solid… Wired
06/09/2014 No More Malls: 5 Disruptive Techs Transforming Retail The Huffington Post - Blog
06/09/2014 Want innovation? This is the answer The Huffington Post - Blog
06/09/2014 Will AI become a major Wall Street power broker? CNBC
06/09/2014 Get ready, robots are going to steal your job CNBC
06/02/2014 An Ideas Exchange For Solving Humanity’s Grand Challenges
06/01/2014 Silicon Valley: Anatomía del nuevo poder El Colombiano
05/29/2014 Innovators to watch UNICEF
05/26/2014 Donation to UNICEF Innovation Labs Could Land You in the… Singularity Hub
05/25/2014 Deloitte, XPRIZE and Singularity University Form Alliance and Launch the… Technology Today - EIN News
05/22/2014 Chilena gana beca para estudiar en la universidad de la… MBA & Educación Ejecutiva - AméricaEconomía
05/21/2014 Why Hershey rolled in to Silicon Valley CNBC
05/21/2014 Kickstarter не должны финансировать светящиеся в темноте растения ГМО обзор
05/20/2014 NASA Set to Launch the First 3D Printer to the… Singularity Hub
05/20/2014 Netværksguru: Kun tåbelig politik stopper en overflod af mobilt bredbånd Ingeniøren
05/19/2014 IDA-opråb: Pas på Kodak-øjeblikket Ingeniøren
05/17/2014 Global "Selfie" to Be Beamed to Outer Space National Geographic
05/16/2014 ‘robots creëren arsenaal aan nieuwe banen’ Swen
05/16/2014 Internet-ekspert om flaskehals-advarsler: Der er båndbredde nok til alle Ingeniøren
05/16/2014 Artificial intelligence has an amazing future. Dystopian movies get it… Innovations - Washington Post
05/15/2014 Chilean Incubator Wants Companies Using Tech to Help the Poor Singularity Hub
05/15/2014 PhDs Ready-Made For The Business World
05/13/2014 Google Self-Driving Cars Are Learning to Navigate the Urban Jungle Singularity Hub
05/12/2014 How NASA Scientists Created an International Space Orchestra
05/11/2014 Escape Dynamics Aims to Eliminate Single-Use Rockets in Space Flight Singularity Hub
05/11/2014 Amerikansk AI-specialist: Læger og advokaters nye kolleger har kunstig intelligens Ingeniøren
05/10/2014 Payments, Technology, and a Curve with a Kink in It All About Alpha
05/08/2014 Computer History Museum Launches New Exhibit on the History of… Reuters US News
05/06/2014 És ha a Prezi amerikai lenne? – interjú Rob Naillel…
05/06/2014 Google: Autonome Autos werden sich blitzartig durchsetzen Heise Autos
05/05/2014 Arrivano i videogame scientifici (IT)
05/05/2014 Insight: Apple on medical tech hiring spree, a possible hint… Reuters US News
05/04/2014 IT-eksperter: Kriminelle løber med accelererende teknologier Ingeniøren
05/01/2014 Drone dream: This startup plans to bring cheap drone-based shipping… VentureBeat
05/01/2014 Transcending Artificial Intelligence: Part 1 Re/code
04/30/2014 How test-tube meat could be the future of food International
04/28/2014 Our health is in our hands
04/27/2014 Ny klippeteknologi vil revolutionere biotek Ingeniøren
04/26/2014 The Surprising Medical Value of Poop Singularity Hub
04/20/2014 Diverse Conversations: Preparation for College 2025 Diverse
04/19/2014 Teknologiguru: Ekstrem teknologiudvikling knuser store virksomheder Ingeniøren
04/17/2014 Já pensou num mundo sem emprego ou salário?
04/16/2014 Global Solutions Summit brings together cleantech entrepreneurs and finance
04/16/2014 Global Education and Corporate Leaders Gather to Prepare for College… The Huffington Post - Blog
04/16/2014 Discover the Convergence of Tech and Finance at the Exponential… Singularity Hub
02/26/2014 Singularity University and CNBC Partner to Launch Exponential Finance Conference… Businesswire
02/11/2014 Singularity University Launches New Corporate Innovation Exchange To Inspire and… Businesswire
01/15/2014 Meat From a Petri Dish? Singularity Is on It WSJ
01/15/2014 Silicon Valley’s Solution to Spain’s Unemployment Problem
01/15/2014 Digits: Where Will Asia’s First Bitcoin ATM Go?
01/15/2014 Foresee a Tech Revolution in Health and Education by 2020
01/15/2014 Science Fiction is Swiftly Becoming Fact

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