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GSP Student Sponsorship Program –
Help support our commitment to expand our talented global community. Singularity University encourages participants to apply to the GSP regardless of their financial status, made possible in part by this initiative.

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The Mission

Singularity University’s mission is to educate, inspire, and enable a new generation of leaders to leverage accelerating technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. You can help accomplish SU’s goal of improving the lives of one billion people within the next decade!

Your financial support will increase opportunities for outstanding candidates worldwide. They’ll attend our Global Solutions Program, and collaborate to design and build new solutions for global humanitarian challenges. Together, we’ll create an abundant future!

The Impact

Student Sponsorships enable SU to maintain its commitment to support a diverse class of Global Solutions Program (GSP) participants, including gender, citizenship, cultural background, socioeconomic status, and so forth. Participants report that the holistic living/learning environment offered by SU provides a powerful opportunity to engage at a deep level with their peers, whose values and perspectives have been informed by very different life experiences.

In addition, research studies have confirmed that diversity is an essential component of highly effective teams. High-performing team projects are a fundamental element of the GSP program, as they are key to developing innovative technologies to address global humanitarian challenges.

The Need

In order to expand its global outreach, Singularity University encourages interested parties to apply to the GSP regardless of their financial status. On average, two-thirds of GSP09-GSP12 participants raised funding or received financial aid in order to attend SU’s summer program during. Participants admitted to the GSP with confirmed financial need will be able to apply for discounted tuition rates.

The Solution

Singularity University is setting aside money into its in-house student sponsorship fund, but we also encourage outside support of this fund. Each year, SU and admitted participants work together to identify student sponsors whose generous support makes it possible for certain students with demonstrated financial need to attend the GSP at discounted tuition rates. Because SU is a taxable benefit corporation, contributions to this internal fund will not be tax deductible; the process by which students will be chosen for discounted tuition rates of granting out of scholarships will not be subject to rules applicable to Section 501(c)(3) organizations that administer scholarship programs, (e.g., contributors may be more explicit about supporting a particular GSP participant). SU is also working hard to establish an external scholarship fund that is administered by an independent nonprofit Section 501(c)(3)-recognized community foundation.

Become A Supporter

Please join us in advancing SU’s mission to improve the lives of one billion people during the next decade. We can accept direct contributions to our student sponsorship fund at any time. Your support in any amount is much appreciated. As a contributor, you’ll be acknowledged as a vital member of the global SU community. For additional information, please contact Marianne Ryan, Director of Leadership & Engagement at Singularity University, at 734.649.2721 or [email protected] You can also provide your contact information below if you’d like to learn more about our student sponsorship fund.

For additional information, you can also provide your contact information below if you’d like to learn more.

Thank you for your support.