Our Team

Mabell Aguilar

General Counsel

Virender Ahluwalia

Executive Vice President, Finance

Lene Andersen

Executive Producer, Custom Programs

Lajuanda Asemota

Director, Strategic Relations for Diversity & Youth

Robin Avant

Executive Producer, Innovation Partnership Program

Gabriel Baldinucci

Chief Strategy Officer

Tad Barker

Media Producer

Erika Barraza

Impact Partnerships Program Coordinator

Alison Berman

Staff Writer

Tim Borny

Academic Manager

David Boyd

Technical Operations Engineer

Joy Caves

Executive Assistant

Conny Chan

AR & Payroll Accountant

Anjo Chi

Internal Systems Engineer

Emeline Paat Dahlstrom

Chief Impact Officer

Darlene Damm

Principal Faculty, Global Grand Challenges

Nick Davis

Managing Director, Corporate Innovation

Jason Dorrier

Managing Editor, Singularity Hub

Tyler Edgren

AV Coordinator

Pascal Finette

Vice President, SU Labs - Accelerator Programs

Aaron Frank

Strategic Relations

Trav Fryer

Internet Gardener

Teasha Gable

Manager, Sales Operations

Joi Gemigniani

Faculty Relations Assistant

Steven Giarla

Video Editor

Nik Giatis

Program Coordinator - GSP

Chiara Giovenzana

Director, Community Engagement

Marlon Goods

Director, Faculty Relations

Nicholas Haan

Track Chair for Global Grand Challenges and Managing Director of GSP

Tina Hand

AV Manager

Joyce Haven

Director, Program Operations

David Hill

Managing Director, Digital Media & Editor-in-Chief, Singularity Hub

Joel Hobbs

Director, Learning Experience & Design

Adam Hofmann

Product Marketing Manager

Mikhail Holst

Manager, SU Labs

Archie Japaridze

SU Labs - Mentorship and Community Manager

Lesley Kao

Vice President, Online Product Development

Barb Krause

Senior Corporate Counsel

Thomas Kriese

Vice President, Community Development & Engagement

Jennifer Kung

Director, Strategic Relations

Kimberly Kwong

AP & Disbursement Accountant

Lilia Lauer

Executive Assistant

Mary Law

Accounting Manager

Jonathan Lee

Media Producer

Tom LeGan

Facilities Manager

Marie Lo

Hospitality Manager

Heidi Lorenzen

Vice President of Marketing

Erin Mahaffie

Program Logistics Manager

Zack Martin

Digital Marketing Manager, Email

Stacie Martinez


Sveta McShane

Production Manager - Writer

Jody Medich

Director of Design

Marjan Mohsenin

Director, Strategic Relations

Melisa Mottola

HR Generalist

Rob Nail

Associate Founder & CEO

Roy Natian

Innovation Lab

Josephine Nguyen

Director of Program Operations

Regina Njima

Manager, Global Impact Competitions

Chipp Norcross

VP, Executive and Custom Programs

Megan North

Director of Content Marketing

Andrew O’Keefe

Media Archivist /Producer

Carlos Oporta

Executive Program Logistics Manager

Manny Orellana

Director, Program Operations - Global Solutions Program

Theresa Pathak

Director of Product Marketing

Lisa Pereira

Faculty Relations Coordinator

John Poon

Corporate Controller

Joanna Popper

Executive Vice President of Media and Marketing

Kris Robinson

Managing Director of People

Jeff Rogers

Director, Faculty Development

Dharmishta Rood

Director, Community - Chapters & Salons

Brett Schilke

Director of Impact, Youth Engagement

Chuck Schuessler


Greg Sherwin

VP Engineering & Information Technology

Ross Shott

Vice President of Operations & Managing Director, GSP

Neil Sogard

Director of Conferences

Victoria Starr

Producer, Conferences

Lara Stein

Managing Director, Global Development

Matthew Straub

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media

Lisa Strick

Managing Director - Corporate Innovation

Robert Suarez

Managing Director, Innovation & Design, SU Labs

Shaanika Subramanyam

Strategic Relations Administrative Assistant

Amin Toufani

VP of Strategic Relations

Vivian Trinh

Office Coordinator, Facilities

Carlos Uranga

Maker Manager

Mallory Valenzuela

Marketing Coordinator

Carin Watson

EVP of Learning and Innovation

Will Weisman

VP | Executive Director - Conferences

Peter Wicher

Director, Strategic Relations

Nicole Wilson

VP, Faculty and Curriculum

Michelle Zucca

Director of Campaigns & Digital Marketing

Peter Diamandis

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Naveen Jain


Ray Kurzweil

Co-Founder & Chancellor

Rob Nail

Associate Founder & CEO

Asad Jamal


Barney Pell


Bob Richards

Founding Trustee Co-Chair

Mike Simpson

Founding Trustee

Henri Tirri


James Han

Global VP of Marketing, Tyco

David Hunt

Managing Director, Comex McKinnon

Arnon Katz

Founder Butterfly Media

Ed Kavounas

Owner, Rockwood Capital, LLC

Howard Kettner

CEO, Kettner IXL

Ken Losch

CEO, Advanced Green Innovations

Luisa Martini

Founder, CLAN

Maher Mikati

Executive Director, M1 Group

Chris Ouwinga

Founder, UNIT4

Ketan Patel

CEO US Pain Management Corp

Rick Smith

CEO, Taser International

Rosana Wong

Executive Director, Yau Lee Holdings