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How will our next generation
impact billions of lives?

Our next generation holds the keys to transform the world.

After two years of successful programming with the Exponential Youth Camp, Singularity University is setting our sights on a bold goal of activating millions of youth around the world to tackle our future’s biggest challenges.

The Exponential Generation

Our youngest generation is uniquely equipped to change the world as we know it. Born into the fastest period of technological and social development in history,
they possess the tools, connections, and resources that will
propel humanity forward. Every member of this generation has
the potential to impact billions of lives beyond their own.

They are the Exponential Generation.

To help this generation find their potential to impact billions of
lives, we are building a series of workshops, toolkits, and learning
experiences designed to help young people align their strengths
and interests with the needs and opportunities of the world

The program is currently in beta. We are actively assembling a band of big-thinking corporate, nonprofit, and government partners to bring the initiative to launch in 2016.

Are you interested in helping young people impact billions of lives? Reach out to us:
[email protected]

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